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- DIPOXY-crystal-clear-scratch-resistant epoxy resin - 2K - DIPOXY-Crystal-Clear-Scratch-Resistant-Epoxy-Resin - 2K -

    - DIPOXY-2K-700Floor -     


DIPOXY-2K-700Floor is a clear, low viscosity epoxy resin (2 components) which is only available in Germany in
"Premium quality" is manufactured and distributed!

For more scratch resistance and higher shear resistance, we also have the slightly more expensive universal epoxy resin DIPOXY-2K-700 on offer!

DIPOXY-2K-700Floor Epoxy harz is ideal for floor coatings

and floor sealing such as: factory floors, hall floors, parking garages, workshops, residential buildings,

Kitchen floors, bathroom floors, garage floors, sports halls, etc.

The processing time always depends on the ambient temperature. However, assume that it will not take more than 60 minutes

will have. If you need more time, it is best to use that DIPOXY-2K-700PER.

It costs more, but they have an average of 3-6 times the processing time!



The solvent-free DIPOXY-2K-700Floor is in a mixing ratio of 2: 1 (e.g. 100g A and 50g B)
Mass units (by weight) mixed and can therefore be easily processed. Ideally, the
Components A and B mixed at a temperature of 10 ° C - 25 ° C. DIOPXY-2K-700 is basic
self-venting, for best results, you should still take care with approx. 250-350rpm.
for about. Stir for 4-5 minutes until both components are well mixed and not so much air is incorporated into the epoxy resin mixture at the low speed!

Simply select the desired amount of epoxy resin and add it to the shopping cart. Then select the color pigments

and also add to the shopping cart.

(We also have many other effect pigments in the shop or see below!)

The best results are developed with our for epoxy resins Pearl effect color pigments achieved!

RAL colors are also possible (on demand)

! Caution, risk of burns!

As soon as both components are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, in which heat is released
becomes. Depending on how high the mixture is in a jar or bucket, the heat may not be quick enough
be dissipated through the surface. So the rule always applies: "Better wide and flat than high
and narrow! "If, for example, a mixture with 300ml in a beaker approx. Stands 15cm high
it probably (depending on the outside temperature) after 15-25min. get so hot that you burn yourself
can and then it hardens immediately! But if you put the same mixture in a bucket and put it
is only 1cm high, it doesn't get hot and you can probably process it well in 60min!

You can also pour the finished material straight onto the floor (do not leave it in the bucket) so that the processing time is the longest

remains open (for non-absorbent floors)! The mass is easy to use with a water scraper or roller

Distribute the telescopic pole!

If you need more time (3-5 times more time), it is best to use that DIPOXY-2K-700PER!

Layer thickness approx. 2-3mm layer thickness approx. 0.5mm (including primer)

Depending on what you want to do, the following information from our experiments will help you.

You can of course also use more material!

All information is provided without warranty!

Consumption quantities DIPOXY-2K-700 for floor coating (private and commercial):

The rough rule for consumption is:

1kg = 0.2mm height per 5m² (1m x 1m)

10kg result in 50m²!

Optimal results and 3D effects are achieved with a thicker layer, which also compensates for unevenness and small cracks in the floor!

To do this, proceed as follows:

1kg = 1mm height per 1m² (1m x 1m)

Primer with the same material ("normally" applied thickly) (mostly black, white or transparent)

0.2 - 0.6 kg per m² (0.2 - 0.6 mm per m²)

Color effect layer (middle layer)

1 - 3 kg per m² (1 - 3 mm per m²)

Sealing (final layer is not absolutely necessary)

1 - 2 kg per m² (1 - 2 mm per m²)

Amounts of Effect Pearl Pigment for floor coating (private and commercial):

Depending on how thin to apply, you need between 5g and 25g of the epoxy mass per kg of pigments.

DIPOXY-2K-700Floor is ideal for sealing package floors, plank floors and even on laminate

gives it a whole new look!


Very easy to use with a roller, spatula, brush or water remover!

Work was carried out here without shoes so as not to leave any marks in the not yet final floor!

Processing time / drip time:

at 10 ° C approx. 40-60min.
at 20 ° C approx. 20-40min.
at 30 ° C approx. 10-25min.
over 30 ° C is possible, but without time information!


Ultimate strength:

at 10 ° C for at least 72 hours to walk on and 10-14 days for heavy loads.
at 20 ° C for at least 24 hours to walk on and 6-10 days for heavy loads.
at 30 ° C for at least 12 hours to walk on and 2-5 days for heavy loads.


Min. 1 year / optimal at 10-25 ° C, dry and protected from direct sunlight!


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can be easily produced in one pour! The curing time is significantly longer than with our DIPOXY-2K-700 & 700Floor,

because we had to reduce the chemothermal reaction very much in order to Layer thickness!

We also have other items such as the universal one


for jewelry, table making, so-called "river table", for

Floors, pond, aquarium and terrarium construction, as well as for boat, ship and aircraft construction. Also

Molded parts can, for example, be cast in silicone molds or carbon, aramid and

Fiber optic connections are used! Also ideal for model making!


Premium Pearl effect color pigments for best results!

If, contrary to expectations, you should have a problem or just want to find out more, just give us a call!

Our competent service staff will be happy to take care of your concerns and advise you professionally!

Where can you find an epoxy resin with this price / performance ratio?

Only with us!

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